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In our endeavor to keep current with the many changes that are taking place in the electronics industry, ICC is pleased to announce the addition of the following components to our extensive line of electronic components.  They have been added to our website and samples are available upon request.

Intervox® introduces:

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BRP2522P-12-CIntervox® introduces first compact Piezo Sounder 


Features:  Delivers big sound output in a small package.

This new compact piezo sounder with internal circuitry has an extremely high output for its small size.   Measuring only 26.3 mm in diameter x 22.35 mm in height, the output is > 100dB @12 VDC).  Ideal for applications such as home security and commercial applications.  .

SMT speaker.jpg (24475 bytes)Intervox® introduces first miniature SMT Speakers


Features:  Capable of delivering big sound in an incredibly small package.

This new surface mount speaker is extremely low profile, measuring only 20 mm x 20 mm x 4 mm and weighs just 2.6 grams.  Three solder contact points provide a highly reliable connection.  Ideal for applications such as cellular phones, PDA's and other handheld devices, voice activated equipment, speech recognition systems and GPS navigational systems.

Our speaker uses high temperature plastic which is 30% glass reinforced resin, resulting in excellent toughness and a heat deflection temperature of 289C.  This material is well suited for use in the automotive, electrical/electronic telecommunications and aerospace industries. 

Cable Assemblies(7580 bytes)Intervox® Speakers now available with cable assemblies

Bohemia, NY -- Intervox® , a division of International Components Corporation, has expanded its manufacturing capabilities, and now offers its entire line of speakers complete with cable assemblies.

Intervox® manufactures a complete line of speakers designed for electronic and electro-mechanical devices. Intervox® products include miniature general purpose speakers, speakers for telephone handsets, shielded low leakage speakers, micro-miniature low profile speakers, sub-miniature low profile speakers and PC board mounted speakers.

OEM customers will benefit significantly from Intervox® value-added cable assemblies. Speakers shipped with pre-wired cable assemblies arrive ready for the production line, with minimal effect on shipping costs. By eliminating the need to perform this time-consuming process at the OEM facility, handling is reduced, thus minimizing the risk of damage to the component.

BPS4228L-12-CS-DA(10195 bytes)Intervox® introduces enhanced siren with 110db output at 3 feet


Features:    Sound Pressure Level (SPL) that exceeds output of many larger devices.

The unique features of this siren/sounder are the compact design, clear loud rapid pulsating siren tones, high reliability, and long operating life. It is ideal for home security and commercial applications.

The contemporary design uses ABS black plastic, capable of performing over a wide temperature range (-20° C to +70° C). The mounting holes are counter sunk to maintain a sleek appearance. Standard model includes red and black #22AWG stranded lead wires, 3 inches in length. 

Surface Mount Transducer


Features:    New Compact, small and slim - only 5.3 x 5.3 mm x 2.5 mm height
                    Tape and reel packing
Designed for all industrial and commercial applications requiring low profile surface mount designs. 

Electret Condenser Microphones:

MEC-63PD-03-B/GP Series - Designed for voice recognition applications.

This extremely small noise canceling microphone features a Brass case and Gold-Plated PC board.  It is only 6mm in diameter and 2.7mm in height and available with a sensitivity of -67 or -62 dB and a tolerance of +3dB.  Samples available upon request. 

Intervox Audibles Products (8047 bytes)Our new Intervox Audible Signal Devices catalog is now available. 

Featured in this catalog is our expanded line of Surface Mount Buzzers which now includes both Electro Acoustic Transducer and Piezo Electric types.

The catalog includes a wide range of Intervox Electro Acoustic Transducers, Piezo Electrics and Sounders, Electronic Buzzers, Miniature Speakers, and Electret Condenser Microphones.  All products are shown with their standard mounting configurations.



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